Work of the modern company can’t be imagined without set of program applications and hardware components, which are designed to:


To ensure information security of the company


To facilitate collaboration with information resources


To reduce time and financial expenditure by performance of routine operations


To increase reliability, availability and fault tolerance of IT system


To ensure safety, reliability, convenience and profitability of information system, it is necessary to take care of that its components worked as a unit.

System integration as approach to design and creation of difficult IT systems allows achieving the coordinated, failure-safe work of program and hardware components of different producers.

The company “Turkmen-Transit” renders a full range of IT services:

System integration

System integration — – complex of services in creation and maintenance effective from the point of view of interaction of the used information systems of IT infrastructure of the enterprise.

Integration decisions are focused on the organization of information support of performance of business challenges, facing establishment, providing transparency, sequence and reliability of interaction of the diverse applied information systems working within uniform business process.

Many organizations face problems which reasons spontaneously developed IT architecture for which the chaotic set of the IT systems connected among themselves by various, often not standardized in the ways, as a rule, badly documented is characteristic is.

System integration assumes the integrated approach to creation of the information systems (IS) and IT infrastructures, including:

  • Audit of the existing IT solutions
  • Definition of the purposes and tasks of new IS
  • Optimization, integration and formalization of business processes, including in IT service of the company
  • Creating a project of IT-infrastructure and IS
  • Choice of the equipment and software products optimum suitable for the task
  • Integration of existing solutions
  • Creation of documentation for implementation of IT solutions

Projects on creation of integration decisions help the enterprises to improve IT infrastructure and to achieve efficiency of interaction of the used information


MICOINVEST WAREHOUSE PRO is a modern software which offers programs in a wide range, not only Microinvest Warehouse Pro, but also Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, Microinvest Barcode Pro and Microinvest Archive Pro.

MICOINVEST WAREHOUSE PRO this is an automated system that helps to keep inventory regardless of the quantity of goods in bulk and at retail. It makes the function of the back office, helping to manage the business process in different trading enterprises like shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.


It is one of the modern and ergonomic tools in the trading business. This program allows the automation of operational and management accounting, which ensures effective control of all trading activities. “1C: Trade Management 8” is designed for a variety of trading activities, for any action, from manual directories to obtaining a variety of analytical reports. With the help of this software, a trading company can automate internal indicators, held all kinds of trade monitoring, and also effectively administer any trading organization. In addition to «1C: Trade Management» «TURKMEN-TRANZIT» offers automation with the software «1C: Management of our firm».


1C: MANAGEMENT OF OUR FIRM is a universal software for small and medium businesses, which is designed to automate financial, production and trade accounting. This software will create a transparent turnover of documents and one single information system of your business.

1C: MANAGEMENT OF OUR FIRM will increase the productivity of the enterprise, it is the best way for monitoring the process of all work for the owner and an excellent tool for productive work of an employee.

«1C: MANAGEMENT OF OUR FIRM 8» may automate the following areas of the enterprise:

  • Performance of works, rendering of services
  • Production
  • Advertising marketing and sales
  • Supplying with goods and purchases
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Non-current goods
  • Finance
  • Work of HR and accounting