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About company

(Headquarters: Ashgabat, type “Private enterprise”)

System integrator and complex equipment supplies


The company “Turkmen-Tranzit” was established and registered in Turkmenistan in 2010 for realization of idea of creation of the high-tech company working in the field of information technologies and telecommunication.

“Turkmen-Tranzit” is the system integrator and carries out complex supplies of equipment of the leading global manufacturers of the high-tech equipment.

In 2018, the company introduced a quality management system (QMS) and received an international quality certificate ISO 9001/2015. This strategic step shows the improvement process of the company which performing a solid foundation for its sustainable development.



Information Technology and Telecommunications

Introduction of control systems of document flow and management of the budget

System integration

Supply and installation of equipment and software for the banking sector

Website development online stores tech support and online promotion

Server platforms and workstations

Service for business management

Introduction of systems of monitoring and dispatching of transport

Enterprise Management Systems


Value of the Company is highly qualified personnel
The staff of the company is 50-200 people

Anton Sidorov
Head of The Department for The Development and Implementation of Payment Systems

Irada Davletova
Head of The Department for The Development and Promotion of WEB-sites

Andrey Shulgin
Head of Software Development Department

Butunseva Naira
HR manager

Selbi Khodjaeva
Head of Human Resources

Meshkov Bulat
Web Designer

Rovshan Sarylulov
Head of the department of Cybersecurity

Jennet Saparova
PR Manager

Brdiev Shuhrat
Software engineer

Timur Kleperson
Head of the Department of Software Development and Automation

Sarkisyan Tigran
Junior Programmer

Zara Rizaeva
Partner Relationship Manager

Leonid Belousov

Hodjaeva Gulalek
Account Manager

Shamil Yusupov
Software Engineer

Igor Beloglazov
Senior Software Developer

Jennet Orazova
Graphic Designer

Batyr Rozyev
Customer Relations Manager

Semen Solopov
Software Developer

Ogulnur Hommalyeva

Timur Rejepkuliev
Junior Programmer

Suray Rahmanova
Office Manager

George Marinov
Senior Cybersecurity Specialist

Nilgun Agahanova
Senior Software Developer

Anastasia Streltsova
Software Developer Assistant

Sergey Mamedov
Assistant of Implementation and Maintenance Specialist

Chary Myradov
Head of the Department of Electronic Document Management and Communications Integration

Maksat Kurbanov
Head of the Department of Information Technology

Denis Marinov
Information System Specialist

Seisov Ilyas
Marketing Specialist

Resul Okdirov
Senior Software Developer

Julia Shepilova
Specialist of the department for the development and implementation of payment systems

Stanislav Kuliev
Head of software implementation department

Ataev Merdan
Warehouse Manager

Armen Akopyan
Assistant of Implementation and Maintenance Specialist

Muhamed Bashik
Senior Software Implementation Specialist